The staff at our Center is trained in a developmental, individual difference, relationship-based model,  (DIR®/Floortime
Model ). A developmental based program goes beyond symptoms to look at the child as he or she develops in all areas of
functioning. The program looks a functional emotional developmental levels including: the ability to attend and develop a
sense of calm, the ability to make an emotional connection (attachment) to caregivers, the ability to develop and expand
back-and-forth communication between the child and caregivers, the capacity to problem-solve, the ability to share ideas,
to think logically,and to understand cause and effect and multi-causal and gray area thinking.  

In addition to focusing on how children think, the focus of our work is in looking at individual differences. Individual
differences relate to the child's biology, including temperament, sensory processing and sensory modulation capacities.  
We also focus on the child's motor capacities including gross and fine motor skills.

Finally, the program stresses the development of healthy relationships and attachments. We consider looking at the
parents and children's capacities and thus, develop individualized treatment programs. We work collaboratively with
parents; they are involved at every step of the treatment program. Parents are active members of our treatment team and
an essential part of our treatment approach.

Our program involves comprehensive, multi-disciplinary assessments to identify a child and families specific needs. Our
assessment process begins with a comprehensive family and developmental history including looking at familial
attachment relationships. Children are then seen together with their parents for a family interview, or, for children younger
than three years, in an unstructured play situation. A comprehensive interview focused on presenting problems is then
done with the child. Children also receive psychological testing to develop an understanding of their intellectual and
learning skills. School observations comprise the last part of typical evaluations. The results of these comprehensive
assessments are then discussed with parents. Occupational therapy evaluations and speech and language evaluations
are also done if the child's referral question requires them.

Treatment at our Center is multifaceted and generally multi-disciplinary in nature. Each child and family has a unique
treatment plan based on child and family needs. In addition to various forms of psychotherapy, many children in our
Center are specifically involved in speech and language services, occupational therapy, and mental health services.
In addition to the aforementioned services, the following treatment modalities are available:

  1. Individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults;
  2. Parent-child dyadic therapy in which the child and the parent are seen together;
  3. Family therapy;
  4. There are several therapeutic groups, presently one group for boys between the ages of 9-10 years, and a girls
    social skills group for girls between the ages of 6-8 and 9 – 12 years.
  5. Both, preschool and adolescent groups will also be available.
  6. Parent support groups for parents of children with mood disorders and families with children on the autism

In addition to these services, the Center is interested in providing psycho educational classes to parents and to
professionals. Our group is especially interested in training and in education. We will be developing classes for parents
and for professionals. One program of special interest is in training in the DIR model. Dr. Glovinsky is one of only two
people in the state of Michigan who is certified to train in the DIR model. Professionals from multi-disciplines will be able to
get training in this comprehensive model.

Presently, monthly seminars for parents and professionals are being planned in addition to conferences on specific topics.

Finally, our program is strongly involved in research in childhood disturbances.  Parents are encouraged to participate in
our research programs that will provide information to families about child development, parenting, and other topics
relevant to developmental psychopathology.

Through Dr. Glovinsky's participation on a national level, our group has access to the top sensor people in the country for
consultations and/or second opinions.  This is an excellent way of assuring families that they will be directed to the top
level professionals in their field.

Professional Services for Children and Families:

Ira Glovinsky, Ph.D. -
Christine Hogan Henk, MA, CCC - Speech Therapy
Nanci Hester, MS, LMSW - Social Work
Lindsay Buckley Ludtke, MS, OTR/L - Occupational Therapy

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